Codecademy Redesigns Website To Focus On Project-Based Learning

When aspiring developers decide to learn how to program, their first stop is often checking out online resources like Codecademy to learn the basics. Building on top of its success, which includes 24 million learners on its platform to date, the interactive coding school unveiled a redesigned website Wednesday that emphasizes project-based learning.

“We wanted to make it more focused on learning by discovery, by focusing on small pieces and keeping it approachable,” cofounder and CEO Zach Sims told Fast Company. “In general, the redesign of the entire site is a little friendly and makes it easier for people to find the courses that matter to them.”

In the past two years, Codecademy learners have written more than a billion lines of code and built more than 100,000 courses using the site’s course creator. The company has also teamed up with the White House to teach programming skills to job hunters and has also worked with a number of tech companies, including Twitter and Evernote, to offer lessons based on their APIs.

Codecademy’s redesign, which has been in the works since the end of last year, includes a new learning environment that will debut Monday. A new course in the environment will focus on building projects to flesh out students’ portfolios. Though the projects will change over time, the course will begin by teaching users how to build Airbnb’s homepage using front-end technologies, including JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

“Our belief in learning is you should be building things that are actually relevant in the real world,” Sims said. “Our first course is a step in that direction.”AT