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Molly Guy

Cofounder, creative director, Stone Fox Bride

Molly Guy

Women flock to Guy’s studio for gowns that make them feel like themselves.

[Photo by Samantha Casolari]

For taking the stuffing out of the bridal industry.

More Janis Joplin than Jackie O, Stone Fox Bride breaks from the rest of the $50 billion wedding industry, which is rife with price-gouging and homogeneous designs. Molly Guy's New York showroom is a haven for artistic, professional women in pursuit of beautiful but breathable gowns, all curated by the founder. "They want structure but also want to feel really cool," she says. "That's what we do—provide that feeling. You still feel like you. You're not an alien." Today, Stone Fox Bride books 250 appointments a month in the spring, and has a cult following on Instagram. Her fan base isn't just the betrothed: Guy's brand is so popular, later this year she will launch an in-house line of everyday apparel.