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Emil Michael

SVP of business, Uber

Emil Michael

[Illustration by Aaron Meshon]

Emil Michael

For giving "stunt driving" a whole new meaning.

Love or hate Uber, you have to admit that the car service got your attention with its on-demand kittens, Christmas trees, ­skywriting, mariachi bands, and Vegas road trips. You can thank Emil Michael for that. Though kittens have been by far the most popular ­gambit, receiving about 500,000 requests in three cities, Michael admits it wasn't his first choice (he's ­allergic). These ­publicity stunts are only a small part of his job, however. He has also ­brokered deals with Toyota and GM to get Uber ­drivers ­preferential rates on new cars—another effort to get more drivers on the road. "In my six months here," Michael says, "there hasn't been a nanosecond that I have been bored."