Joel Dudley

Joel Dudley

For splicing information with quality medical care.

What does he do?

Joel Dudley’s research uses network modeling to predict which cancer therapies could be most effective based on the unique molecular pattern of tumors.

How can a creative approach improve the health care field?

“Creativity can help break down the artificial barriers that we have in medicine. We see medical specialties as being very different and very disconnected from each other, but it’s all connected.”

What skill or mind-set could the health care world use more of?

“The health field needs more design thinkers. We need people thinking about problems, potential technological and medical solutions, and how to turn those things into better products for health care.”

What’s a challenge that you often come across?

“People always want to zero in on one small aspect of human physiology to either understand or treat disease. But humans are complex adaptive systems with billions of things interacting inside of us at multiple levels.”

What can better data or big data teach us about health that we didn’t know before?

“We’ve never had to deal with the idea that we can gather far more data than we understand. We have ideas about how biology works, but we have to be willing to look at those again and potentially throw them away.”JL