New York City’s Version Of The Cat Cafe: Strays On The Bowery, “Cat’achinos”

Purina is opening a pop-up cat cafe in lower Manhattan–but it won’t look much like the ones popular in Japan.

New York City’s Version Of The Cat Cafe: Strays On The Bowery, “Cat’achinos”
[Image: Flickr user Sarah Jane Poe]

Starting this Thursday, you can hang out with New York’s finest stray cats while sipping “cat’achino.” Doesn’t that sound delightful?

PurinaONE thinks so. It’s sponsoring the pop-up cat cafe, which will open at 168 Bowery and run through Sunday, April 27. In addition to furry pets, Purina has also lined up a series of speakers to talk about pet adoption and other cat ownership-related topics.

If you like what you see, you can adopt one of the animals, which come from the North Shore Animal League America rescue group. Maybe lounging in the cafe will give you a sense about what real life with cat would be like–you know, just sitting around eating muffins and petting your kitty. And, surely there will be ample cat chow product placements for any future cat owners.

Purina claims this is “the first cat café on the continent,” though actually the animal food company isn’t the first to think that Americans might enjoy the popular Japanese establishments. Two former startup founders left the grind last year to start KitTea in San Francisco. And the first cat cafe in London, which opened in March, was a hit with cramped city dwellers, according to the Associated Press.

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