The Recommender

What are you loving this month?

The Recommender
Credible edible: Lena Kwak Cofounder of Cup4Cup recommends learning to make kimchi and impress your on-trend friends. [Photo by 2, Iain Bagwell, Ocean, Corbis]

1. Gretta Monahan
Style guru on The Rachael Ray Show


Jewelry for a Cause: “This New Jersey–based business tackles the important mission of getting illegal guns off the streets by melting the metals down into superchic bracelets and cuff links. I’m always inspired by fashion brands that incorporate pressing social issues into their plan. It’s a modern approach to business and style.”

2. Paul James
Global brand leader, W Hotels

The Motley: “It’s an upscale men’s grooming site that lets me fill my dopp kit with all the TSA–approved, travel-size products I need.”


3. Toby Joe Boudreaux
CTO and managing partner, product development, Control Group

Ableton Push: “I love synths and maintain a decently large eurorack mod-ular synthesizer. The Push is a hardware controller that lets me control my modular quite well, in addition to being a controller for composition within the sound editor on my laptop.”

4. Willie Degel
Host of Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout


Nomiku: “You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on fancy sous vide appliances. This portable device lets you turn any pot of water into a slow-cooking water bath. It controls the temperature and the movement of the water, so it removes all the guesswork for you.”

5. Domingo Guerra
President and cofounder, Appthority

Hobnob: “I find it difficult to stay connected when on the road, as even with 4G LTE hotspots, connections are often spotty. Hobnob helps me stay connected at very fast speeds by combining local Wi-Fi spots with 4G connections over various networks. At $20 a month, it’s a steal.”


6. Lena Kwak
Cofounder, Cup4Cup “Korean flavors have been trending high in both the restaurant and consumer products industries. I like how approachable the formats of these recipes are. There are step-by-step photos, and even helpful tips and videos for further support.”

Prep Pad

Prep Pad: “This digital kitchen scale has a built-in Bluetooth system that connects to your iPad. Using the app combo, you can track your eating habits, or scan a bar code and pull up a visual breakdown of the item placed on the scale.”


Photo by Ocean, Corbis Images

Do This

How to work out at your desk (without anyone noticing)

“Most office workers’ physical problems start where they least expect it–their feet,” says New York Times best-selling fitness author Adam Bornstein. Sitting all day deactivates sensors in the feet, which reduces ankle and feet mobility. That can lead to knee and back problems. His recommendation for staving off pain: Keep a tennis ball at your desk, and do this routine daily.


  1. Rolling the ball

    2 to 3 minutes per foot.
    With your shoe off, push your foot down on the ball and roll back and forth. You’re loosening up soft tissue called fascia, which tightens up as you sit all day.

  2. Flexing the toes

    20 reps per foot.
    With your heel up, grip the ground with your toes for 10 seconds. Now extend them up for 5. Activating these little foot muscles awakens the rest of your body.

  3. Working the calf

    1 to 2 minutes per leg.
    Roll the ball atop and on the sides of your calves, and press in. If it hurts a little, that’s fine–you found more tight fascia. The more often you roll, the better it’ll feel.

Play this

Solve this puzzle to see a recommendation from liz Bohannon, founder of Sseko Designs.


Here are nine pairs of corporate logos. First, write out the name of each company in the spaces provided. Then look for strings of letters within each name that, when put together, form the answer to the clue.

Final steps

Collect the letters in the highlighted spaces to spell out Bohannon’s recommendation.