This Inflatable Car Seat Blows Up In Just 40 Seconds

Child seats have traditionally been a hassle for parents: bulky, difficult to maneuver, hard to get into place. They’re one of the more tedious things you have to cope with before getting the family on the road.

But Volvo’s new child seat concept isn’t bulky, and it isn’t hard to fix to the backseat. You can carry it around in a little bag, and you can still keep the little ones safe. That’s because this seat is inflatable.

The Inflatable Child Seat Concept weighs just 11 pounds, about half the weight of a standard chair. It grows taut in just 40 seconds, and you can even control it remotely via a Bluetooth connection.

See more in the video here:

The seat skin is made of a hard-wearing “drop-stitch” fabric normally found on boats or in military hardware. Volvo suggests that it’s placed in a rear-facing position, and that it could be used in taxis or on public transit.

It hasn’t put the seat on sale yet. But many parents and grandparents are likely to waiting for the day when it is. If this isn’t the future of child car seats, it ought to be.BS