• 04.22.14

Luxury Meets Grocery: See What Tiffany Yogurt And Milk Cartons Designed By Apple Look Like

Paddy Mergui’s new art exhibit combines luxury brands with everyday products.

As consumers we equate luxury with things like diamonds, fancy clothes, expensive cars and high-end electronics, but our association with quality is often as much defined by the brand image as it is by the product itself.


A new exhibit by Paddy Mergui at San Francisco’s Museum of Craft & Design shines a spotlight on these brand associations by imagining big names in luxury on everyday groceries. “Wheat is Wheat is Wheat” shows what yogurt, salami, eggs, fruit, milk, and more would look like under the brand identities of Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Nike, Apple, and more. The high-low integrations explore the sometimes-arbitrary connection that products have to packaging and challenge our assumptions about the value (and values) certain brands represent.

Only thing missing is a can of Hermès tuna. The exhibit runs through June 15.

About the author

Jeff Beer is a staff editor at Fast Company, covering advertising, marketing, and brand creativity. He lives in Toronto.