• 04.21.14

That Awkward Time You Watched “Game Of Thrones” With Your Parents

This new HBO Go campaign suggests maybe Game of Thrones, Girls, or True Detective aren’t ideal for quality family time.

We may be in the midst of a golden age of television, but this embarrassment of episodic riches isn’t exactly family-friendly. In the ’80s, a family could plant itself in the living room and enjoy The Cosby Show, Family Ties, and Cheers in one sitting while laughing and learning together. Now imagine that same experience with Game of Thrones, Girls, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and True Detective. The intricate plots, the casts of characters, the sex and nudity. Oh, the sex and nudity. All can add up to some pretty awkward and annoying conversations.


A new campaign by HBO and agency SS+K suggests that perhaps younger audiences might appreciate the ability to watch their favorite shows in their own time and space with its portable HBO Go platform. The ads, directed by David Shane, delightfully capture the couch combinations of earnest parenting and eye-rolling offspring.

No one should have to hear about Nana and Grampa Joe or the temptations of Memphis during their favorite TV show. This is where the wonders of technology come in very handy. Unless of course it crashes, then you’re stuck watching twincest with Mom and Dad.

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