This Pizza Chain Is Serious About Making Things Like A Pizza Cake And Gas-Powered Pizza Cutter

Imagine for a moment a focus group of hungry stoners tasked with brainstorming new pizza-related products. The results of that hot-boxed session would likely look a whole lot like a new campaign by Canadian restaurant chain Boston Pizza and agency Taxi Canada.

For “Pizza Game Changers,” the brand compiled a list of possible new products and put them all up for an online vote. Consumers can vote for pizza-flavored mints, a four-stroke, two horsepower, gas-powered pizza cutter, a beard-shaped napkin and more. The product with the most votes at campaign end will be created and brought to market this summer. Currently in the lead is a majestic paean to munchies in the form of a six-layer “Pizza Cake.”

Toppings on toppings

The campaign also gives the chain the chance to unveil new, but no less ambitious, actual menu items like the pizza taco, the Calzono (the lovechild of a pizza and a burrito), pizzaburger sliders, a Sriracha chicken pizza, as well as a candied bacon carrot cake dessert. Of course Boston Pizza is based in British Columbia.JB