• 04.21.14

See At Least 18 Different, Pop-Culture-Inspired Ways To Be Bald

Toupée, shmoupée.

If you’re losing your hair, you have two options: own your follicle deficiency with pride or embarrass yourself (and everyone around you) with that 1990s infomercial spray-on hair (or the freaky newfangled version that’s been going around lately).


Artist Teddy Hose doesn’t look bald. But whether or not his newsboy cap is hiding a big, shiny scalp, his latest infographic–“Doing Bald Right; Style Options for the Follically Challenged”–will help the titular cueballs embrace the empty space atop their heads. Try such archetypal looks as “The Bruce Willis,” or “The Walter White,” or “The Uncle Phil.” And if none of those suit, there’s always “The Tobias.” You just might want to stay away from the “Drunk Deceiver” and “The Kill Yourself.” See all the options on Oscillating Profundities and in the gallery above.

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