• 04.29.14

Infographic: The Death Of The Office

For more workers in the U.S. and around the world, the days of the company cubicle are dwindling.

Today, nearly 24% of the U.S. working population telecommutes for at least a few hours each week. Seventy-eight percent said they’d forego free meals and 31% would take a salary cut for the privilege of working at home. Sounds like the makings of a workplace revolution–perhaps the very “Death of the Office,” according to a new infographic by Darren Kingman (of marketing firm SEOgadget), who created the chart for Intuit.


It’s not exactly the innovation that companies would have predicted in earlier days. According to a 1969 episode of Tomorrow’s World on the BBC, the office of the future would use portable cassette players to send messages between workers and motorized file cabinets would (very slowly) transport materials between their desks. In fact, we all just want to go home and work in our pajamas.

See more stats on the cubicle-free workplace of the present, here and in the gallery above.

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