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Sarika Doshi, Pooja Badlani, and Sonal Gupta

CEO, CCO, COO, cofounders, Rank & Style

Sarika Doshi, Pooja Badlani, and Sonal Gupta

From left: Badlani, Doshi, and Gupta lead shoppers to the very best.

[Photos by Jonathan Snyder]

For building the Consumer Reports of fashion.

In 2011, Sarika Doshi did a Google search for "best natural sunscreens." "The results I got back were overwhelming," she says. "There was so much rich content, but it wasn't aggregated or cross-referenced." Doshi, along with Pooja Badlani and Sonal Gupta, realized that other women must face the same e-valanche of information about consumer products, so in April 2013 they launched a platform that uses an algorithm—based on blogger buzz, editor input, and user reviews—to compile lists of the 10 best items in any given trend category. "We have a list on best skinny jeans, but next year"—as the company expands—"it'll also be best skinny jeans under $100, or best maternity skinny jeans," says Doshi. Meanwhile, Rank & Style is syndicating its content to a growing group of style-minded sites including Lucky magazine, Bloomingdale's, and Refinery29, which, in turn, can create in-house lists. Says Doshi, "We're ultimately on a mission to rank the world."