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Facebook Adds Birthdays And Events To Its News Reader App Paper

Paper was supposed to be the answer to Facebook's news feed clutter. Today Facebook announced it is adding new features that might add some of that clutter back in.

[Image: Flickr user Dan Taylr]

To address the growing clutter on Facebook's news feed, the social network earlier this year debuted Paper, a stripped-down news reader to help users find and share articles on the platform.

People who use Paper read an average of 80 stories each day across five to six sections, the company said Friday. In addition, Facebook announced new features, including birthday and event notifications, photo comments on users' posts, and updates from groups on Paper.

So much for a single app solely focused on consuming news stories. That said, porting over event and birthday notifications, one of the most beloved original features of the social network, positions Paper as a possible replacement of the Facebook app.