Food Delivery App Eat24 Sponsors Its Own Strains Of Weed

The food delivery app partners with San Francisco dispensary the Vapor Room to name 10 flavors of pot in honor of 4/20.

Food Delivery App Eat24 Sponsors Its Own Strains Of Weed
[Image: Flickr user Andres Rodriguez]

As weed legalization spreads, there’s a new story almost every day on the evolution of the business of marijuana. Now, enterprising brands are getting in the pot partnership game–in honor of 4/20, food delivery app Eat24 now has 10 branded strains at the Vapor Room, a San Francisco delivery-based medical marijuana dispensary. The flavors on the Vapor Room’s menu range from Eat24 Silver Sour Chicken to Eat24 Blackberry Ice Cream Kush.

The food delivery business naturally goes hand in hand with pot smokers–an Eat24 banner on the Vapor Room’s website even dubs the app “the official sponsor of your munchies.” And Eat24 already has a quirky, unconventional public image–last month, the company wrote a hilarious, meme-filled Dear John letter to Facebook, explaining why it was taking down its page and would rely only on social media that didn’t charge for organic reach.

“The wonderful folks at Vapor Room recently came to meet with us because they wanted to find the perfect pizza to complement a new strain of weed,” explains a post on Eat24’s blog, the Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries. “See, some of Vapor Room’s clients tended to be ‘forgetful,’ which made them huge fans of our Re-Order button. Apparently, they used to spend hours (or maybe 10 minutes… sometimes it’s hard to tell how long it’s been) trying to remember that super delicious thing they ordered last week.”

“A couple foot massages and bacon stuffed quesadillas later, they surprised us with the highest honor a food delivery app could ask for,” continues the post. “They wanted to name a strain of weed after us. We’re pretty sure that’s, like, the stoner equivalent of having a park bench named after you.”

A rep for Eat24 tells Fast Company the naming rights are just a “friendly collaboration” rather than a paid sponsorship, and says that even the “official sponsor” banner on the Vapor Room’s site is just a tagline for an unpaid partnership among friends. But we wouldn’t be surprised if things start getting a little more official, especially if the experiment pays off.

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