• 04.18.14

Play This Fun Trivia Game To Help Support Sesame Street

Play Along asks lighthearted true-or-false questions while Cookie Monster watches from the screen. Each correct answer sends a penny his way.

Play This Fun Trivia Game To Help Support Sesame Street
[Images: Courtesy of Sesame Workshop]

If you’re looking for a virtuous way to procrastinate today, check out PlayAlong, a simple trivia game that donates money to children’s education every time you get an answer right.


The site was created as a side project of the Collaborative Fund, an investment fund that focuses on community-bettering startups, along with Sesame Workshop, MailChimp, and web developers from Philosophie.

“Games are universal,” says Craig Shapiro, founder of the Collaborative Fund. “In a world where we are inundated with bad news, this was an uplifting escape which allows people to have fun while their gameplay would donate money and do good.”

Free Rice, an online game that donates grains of rice to the World Food Program when players correctly define vocabulary words, was an inspiration. (Since it launched in 2007, Free Rice has donated over 100 billion grains of rice.)

PlayAlong asks lighthearted true-or-false trivia questions while Cookie Monster watches from the bottom of the screen and tosses cookies in the air. Some of the questions are random–like whether cows have regional accents (true) and others test Sesame Street knowledge or share something about children’s education, like the fact that many fewer children are read to today than 20 years ago.

The Collaborative Fund will donate a penny to Sesame Workshop for each correct answer, and if the game takes off, they plan to build up the game and work with other partners to build up the increase the amount of donations that can go to Sesame Workshop.

“We’ve wanted to collaborate with Sesame Street for a while,” Shapiro says. “They are an institution we admire and look up to. Creating this game gave us the opportunity to work with them, give money to children’s education, and hopefully engage a broader audience around philanthropy.”

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