See Which Sitcom Characters Would Be Able To Afford Their Apartments–According To Actual Real Estate Data

Most sitcoms ultimately serve as lifestyle advertising. They present alternate worlds full of intense friendships, interesting jobs, and razor-sharp cheekbones–often occurring in spacious, miraculously affordable housing. Last year, we took a look inside the interiors some of these famous sitcom characters live in to see how they would match up with reality. Now, let’s examine whether these people could actually afford to live in those places.

The team at real estate site Movoto recently crunched some numbers to fact-check Ted Mosby’s digs, along with the apartments and houses of 14 other of America’s favorite TV shows. (Apparently, How I Met Your Mother’s architect Mosby would be knee-deep in debt). By examining dwellings from shows like The New Girl, Seinfeld, and, of course, Friends, as well as estimated incomes from their various occupations, all using real-life city home and rental listings, the Movoto crew has found some helpful insights into the reality of fictional real estate. I for one am relieved to know now that Homer Simpson would in fact be able to keep Marge in the lifestyle she’s accustomed to.

Have a look through more revelations in the slides above, or on Movoto’s website.

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