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Design team, Dropbox

Soleio Cuervo, Tim Van Damme, and Gentry Underwood

[Blue Box Image: Jocic via Shutterstock]

Soleio Cuervo, Tim Van Damme, and Gentry Underwood

For having an invisible touch.

"People often ask, 'What do you do at Dropbox? Everything looks white,' " says designer Tim Van Damme. "The answer is, we have some of the most talented designers in the industry to keep everything as simple as possible." The company's design division includes leader-since-2012 Soleio Cuervo, who created Facebook's like button, and Gentry Underwood, who founded email client Mailbox and sold it to Dropbox last year for $100 million. Their latest act of simplicity: Dropbox for Business, which allows users to manage (without confusing) their personal and work accounts.

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