Raj Talluri

SVP of product management, Qualcomm

Raj Talluri
[Illustration by Cristian Turdera]

For teaching your devices to talk to each other.

Raj Talluri

Imagine opening your front door and having the lights blink on, the TV start up, and the thermostat kick on. It’s a wild idea, but one that may be imminent, says Raj Talluri. Last December, ­Qualcomm hinted at its power to make that happen with the release of Toq, an Android-powered smartwatch that syncs up with your smartphone and never turns off. It’s one piece of Talluri’s larger vision.

Unlike the pioneering, recently Google-acquired Nest, which owns the connected-thermostat and smoke-detector space, Talluri and co. are betting that Qualcomm, as the chipmaker that owns more than 50% of the smartphone market, will be able to craft a universal dialogue among household appliances. There’s a lot left to do, but ­Talluri is optimistic: “This technology isn’t magic anymore.” The next step, he says, is working with open-source communication platform AllJoyn to develop the language all devices share.

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