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Mario Queiroz

VP of product management, Google

Mario Queiroz

[Image courtesy of Google]

Mario Queiroz

For rattling the $200 billion smart-TV industry with a $35 solution.

Cord cutting has sparked a revolution in the living room, and Mario Queiroz is Google's conquering hero. It took merely 18 months for him and his team to bring Chromecast from idea to market. At $35, it's a cheap streaming player that ­forgoes the set-top box in favor of a dongle that plugs into an HDMI port. The elegant workaround has sold millions, even though many consumers are waiting for Apple or someone else to build the next-wave TV set we all want. In the meantime, Chromecast delivers ­Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go—and lets users "cast" web content, such as ­YouTube videos, to their own big screen.