These Tribeca Film Festival Vines Are Six Seconds Of Pure Art

Check out the honored submissions to @TribecaFilmFest #6SecFilms.

These Tribeca Film Festival Vines Are Six Seconds Of Pure Art

For the second year in a row, the Tribeca Film Festival is honoring the creativity on looping-video platform Vine through the #6SecFilms challenge. This year’s winners once again prove that it’s possible to create art even within the constraints of a six-second social media platform, which has also been known for less high-brow endeavors.


The entrants competed in the following five categories: #Genre, #Drama, #Animation, #Comedy, and #AudienceAward–hashtags included. The winners below are just a few examples of the interesting art projects happening on Vine. Head here to browse all the shortlisted videos.

Best #Animation: Matt Willis, Australia, for “Wrap Dancer”

Best #Drama: Jessica Harmon, USA, for “Addiction”

Best #Comedy: Albert Birney, USA, for “Sylvio Let’s Go”

Best #Genre (and a personal favorite): Lawrence Becker, USA, for “The Vortex Finds a Host”

#Audience Award: Evan Hilton, USA, for “Shaking Free”

Hopefully this will continue to inspire more interesting uses of social photo and video platforms. Often visual social media is reduced to meme-gurgitation and selfies, so it’s pretty refreshing to see so much creativity on these platform. Keep it up!


[H/t: Gizmodo]

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