Watch A Girl Grow From Zero To 14 In Four Minutes

Dutch photographer Frans Hofmeester released the latest montage of his 14-year-old daughter, whom he’s filmed every week since birth, and it’s both delightful and heartwrenching.

Trigger warning to parents: This video will delight and crush you all at once.


Dutch photographer Frans Hofmeester has filmed his daughter Lotte every week from her birth through the age of 14, and just released the latest four-minute montage of her changes over time. It’s the third in an annual series that Hofmeester started when Lotte turned 12 and updated each year since. The latest version garnered more than one million views on YouTube in just four days. The new Lotte edit was shown last month at the Spanish National Reina Sofia museum in Madrid.

Set against the same white baby blanket, each sped-up shot shows Lotte burbling, then talking, laughing, brooding, questioning, or doing whatever she felt like for those few minutes each week. It’s both a wondrous look at the evolution of a human, and a punch in the gut for parents already anxious about their children growing up too fast.

He’s also done a similar project with his son Vince, now 10. “Sometimes they did not feel like it,” writes Hofmeester of the weekly filming sessions. “Then I said ‘Just one minute. Tell me about your ball game, did you win?’ That way I stalled them so I could complete the shot.”

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