Highlights From Innovation Uncensored New York 2014

For those who couldn’t make it to this year’s Innovation Uncensored event in New York, you missed a day full of insights, emotion, and powerful inspiration. Lucky for you, we have pulled together some of the day’s best moments.


Etsy’s Expands Program To Teach Low-Income Crafters To Turn Hobbies Into Business

The day began with Chelsea Clinton and Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson, who talked innovation and empowerment. Dickerson announced expansion plans for Etsy’s entrepreneurship program, which teaches low-income makers how to turn crafting into a business. (Read more about the program here.)

Cold Brew Is Coming To A Grocery Story Near You

Blue Bottle’s CEO showed off his company’s newest product: Cold brew in an adorable little milk carton. The item will retail at Whole Foods in the Bay Area and New York.

Pixar President Ed Catmull Chokes Up About Steve Jobs

While talking about Steve Jobs, Pixar President Ed Catmull had to pause for a moment while talking about his former colleague.

“More and more, he could express empathy and caring and patience. He became truly wise. The change in him was real, and it was deep,” Catmull said.

Catmull also divulged the secrets of injecting creativity into a corporate setting.

This Ground-Breaking Technology Is Helping Paralyzed Patients Regain Use Of Their Legs

More tears flowed during a demonstration from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation showing off the ground-breaking technology that is helping paralyzed patients regain some use in their legs.

Aereo Announces Chromecast Support Days Before Supreme Court Hearing

An impending Supreme Court hearing isn’t stopping Aereo from pursuing its ambitious expansion plans. CEO Chet Kanojia announced from the Innovation Uncensored stage that next month Google’s Chromecast will support Aereo in areas where the mini-antennas are already available.