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Google Maps Fans Take On The Insane Geography Of Game Of Thrones

Where the heck is Braavos, anyway?

If you've ever read the Song of Fire and Ice series, you probably found yourself flipping back to page 400-something to the map of Westeros, which is super useful for determining, say, where a certain colorful wedding might have taken place (especially after Sunday's episode), or figuring out wherever the hell Daenerys is.

Now, Google Maps Mania has a roundup of Game of Thrones fans who are using using its API to reconstruct the realm's sprawling geography, using it to illustrate key events. Take this map at, which indicates where lesser houses are with handy sigils. It also has a timeline slider to help you control for things like spoilers.

Or you could just assume that everyone dies, which at this rate, is probably how everything's going to end, anyway. See more here.

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