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Twitter Introduces Real-Time Notifications, Becomes Even More Like Facebook

The move follows a Facebookified redesign earlier this week.

[Image: Flickr user F Delventhal]

The Facebookification of Twitter continues. Just three days after unveiling its Facebook-esque redesign, Twitter said it will add real-time notifications, another feature borrowed from the social giant.

In the coming weeks, when someone replies, favorites, or retweets a users' tweets on, that user will see notification pop-up windows of the sort one sees when chatting with customer service reps online. Users will also receive alerts for direct messages and new followers. The social network says the notifications are interactive, so users can reply, favorite, retweet, and follow directly from the alert.

Over the last several months, even before the company went public, Twitter has been focused on retooling its design for a mainstream audience. On Tuesday, it showed off a redesign that looks a lot like Facebook. In addition to a splashy cover image, the layout emphasizes users' most retweeted and favorited content, as well as curated tweets pinned to the top of the page.