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Thieves In New York Hid A Credit Card Swiper In An MTA Vending Machine

The MTA is warning customers to be extra careful when purchasing a new MetroCard.

[Image: Flickr user Eric Fischer]

Stealing a credit card number is easier than it's ever been in human history. Only this time, we're not even talking about broken online encryption. New York's MTA says it has discovered illicit credit card swipers hidden inside a terminal slot normally used to purchase MetroCards.

The device was reportedly discovered in a card vending machine located at the Columbus Circle station on Wednesday evening, and the MTA is warning customers to be vigilant when purchasing a new card. "We have already dispatched personnel to check all MVMs system-wide today for other devices," MTA New York City Transit president Carmen Bianco told Pix11 News. "As was the case yesterday, we continue to ask our customers 'If You See Something, Say Something,' particularly if they notice any suspicious activity or device in our system."

First cabs, now trains. At least we still have Citi Bike?