The Top 5 Leadership Stories, April 7-11

This week’s hit stories struck a chord with hiring managers, job-seekers, and those looking to get interpersonal.


Millenials, emotions, and number-crunching: Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of April 7.


7 Habits Of Highly Emotionally Intelligent People

Forward-thinking, fun-loving–sound like the kind of person you’d like to be? These character traits of emotionally intelligent people make them good at life, and their jobs.

9 Resume Mistakes That Might Cost You The Job

Glaring typos and grammatical mistakes could obviously count you out, but leaving your skills too vague and cramming too much on the page can, too. Avoid the rejection pile with these red flags in resume writing.

A Millenial’s Version Of “The American Dream”

They may be young, but they want to leave a legacy–and even more flexibility than previous generations. Thoughts on marketing to Millenials (that doesn’t include a quiz or cat pictures).

The Perfect Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post And Headline

You’ll want to bookmark this: A complete guide to the most readable, searchable, tweet-able content lengths. Attention spans and coffee breaks considered.

How Much A Bad Hire Will Actually Cost You

Hiring the wrong person for the job is more than frustrating. Twenty seven percent of employers surveyed for this infographic reported losing more than $50,000 on bad hires. Look at the cost breakdown–and how to avoid it.

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