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French President François Hollande Bans Mobile Phones During Cabinet Meetings

[Image: Flickr user Juanedc]

This week, French labor unions issued a soft ban on after-hour work emails, which hopefully, in practice, would force some employees to put down their phones when they're off the clock.

And now it seems politicians also have a hard time tucking their devices away, as French president François Hollande was forced to ban phones during cabinet sessions entirely. Said government spokesman Stéphane Le Foll:

To focus on what we must do, the president has decided that there will be no more mobile phones in cabinet. Each of us will now have to talk and listen to what is said and will no longer be able to tap away at this magnificent tool.

France, of course, isn't the only country whose pols can't get enough of their "magnificent tools." Prime Minister David Cameron instituted a similar anti-smartphone policy during meetings in 2010; China had a problem with its leaders peeking into tiny screens during meetings just this March; and perhaps most famously, U.S. Sen. John McCain was once caught playing poker on his iPhone during a Senate committee hearing on Syria.

Politicians: They're sometimes just like us!