Watch Animators Re-Envision the Music Video for Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer”

Dolphin Burger Studios, a group of disabled animators in Brighton, England, has remade the iconic stop-motion video for Peter Gabriel’s “Sledgehammer” with impressive and touching results.

Like the original video created by Aardman Animation (makers of Wallace and Gromit), the remake includes a stream of active, often surreal images–but Dolphin Burger’s version also incorporates a range of techniques including drawings and live action, and features the animators themselves, interacting with the imagery around them. While Gabriel appeared in the original video, the variety of animator personalities in the new version adds an even more personal element that is just as captivating as the animation itself.

Dolphin Burger founder Harry Hunt told animation website Cartoon Brew that he had the idea after discovering the Android stop-motion animation app Clayframe, which can be operated with sounds and gestures, a benefit for animators with limited mobility.

“We picked ‘Sledgehammer’ because a lot of our local audience may have difficulty following a complex narrative, but everyone likes to dance, so we thought about making a music video,” Hunt told Cartoon Brew. “Then the thought occurred to try and remake the most famous stop-mo music video of all time!”

Original Sledgehammer Music Video by Peter Gabriel

And the creators of the original appreciated the tribute–a few days after Dolphin Burger posted their video, they sent it to Aardman Animation, who replied “Great work, guys!”

You can see more of Dolphin Burger Studios’ work on their Facebook page.EN