A One-Hour Delivery Service For Condoms, For Those Unexpectedly Good Nights

Talia Frenkel’s L. Condoms are more natural and less chemically harsh than other condoms (the latex comes from a tree, for one thing). The branding is more “female-friendly,” suggesting a respectful, modern sort of sexuality. And each one is sold on a one-for-one social good model, sending a condom to Africa for each purchase in the U.S.

Last time we heard from her, Frenkel was just starting to sell in stores like CVS in California, and her web sales were taking off. Now, Frenkel wants to try one-hour delivery. Her new service launched in San Francisco on Valentine’s Day, and she’s starting a New York operation May 1st.

Frenkel is targeting people who haven’t thought ahead. “Before we had online delivery and that works really well for couples and people with a pattern, who are buying in advance,” she says. “But there’s still the impulse purchase when you’re buying condoms last minute.”

She reckons the condom aisle is awkward for many people, and that women in particular want discretion.

Teams of bike messengers deliver the condoms in discreet black bags. The cost is $5 for a pack of 12 during the day, a little more at night. “The entire experience is less embarrassing and more convenient,” Frenkel says.BS