Sparkling Sidewalks That Reduce The Need For Street Lighting

There’s little need to be wary of a nighttime stroll though a park in Cambridge, England. During the day, particles in the surface of the path absorb UV light. In the evening, they release that energy again. The result is a beautiful effect that its creators call “Starpath.”

It’s made possible by a product, developed by a British company called Pro-Teq, that can be sprayed onto existing tarmac and stone paths. It consists of a polyurethane glue base, followed by the particles, followed by a biodegradable sealant.

Aside from aesthetics, Pro-Teq allows for potential cost savings. You don’t need to rip out the existing pathway to get a new surface (which minimizes disruption) and potentially you can reduce the need for expensive overhead lighting. See Hamish Scot, the company’s owner, discuss some details here:

The path is currently being trialled along a 1,600-square-foot area in Christ’s Pieces, a Victorian park in the center of the city. It took only 30 minutes to make, and people were walking on it within four hours, according to Pro-Teq.

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