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This Device Fully Charges Smartphones In 30 Seconds

A prototype displayed at Microsoft's Think Next conference in Tel Aviv aims to alleviate the anxiety caused by a draining smartphone battery.

A new charger from a Tel Aviv-based startup can fully power a smartphone in about 30 seconds.

StoreDot, which emerged from Tel Aviv University's nanotechnology department, unveiled a rapid charging prototype Monday at Microsoft's Think Next conference. StoreDot takes an unusual approach to powering devices, using peptides, a compound created by two or more linked amino acids, to reduce charging time. Though the prototype currently works with Samsung's Galaxy 4 phone, the company has plans to adapt the technology to charge other smartphone models.

The prototype as it stands is significantly bulkier than conventional smartphone chargers, about the size of a laptop charger. It is expected to retail for about $30, and will enter commercial production in late 2016. StoreDot, which raised $6.25 million in funding, says it plans to engineer a smaller form factor by then.