Now You Can Use Emoji To Search Yelp

An update to the Yelp mobile app allows you to find your next meal using emoji. We tried the new feature, and got some interesting results.

Emoji are great stand-ins when words aren’t cutting it. Which is perfect for a service like Yelp, since sifting through meal options can often lead to paralyzing indecision, leaving you dinner-less and hangry.


Now, in an update to its mobile app, Yelp allows users to search local businesses using those puzzling, beaming little character faces. That means pizza, beers, ramen, and yes, apparently even the happy-faced turd are fair game for search results. Above is what happened when we tried a proximity search near the Fast Company offices in downtown Manhattan using some of the more popular characters. Some the results were, well… a bit surprising. Shout out to the dog walkers at Le Poop.

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