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Watch Out, AT&T? Google Might Launch Its Own Wireless Network

A new report suggests Google wants to offer "a full-fledged wireless service" in cities where it offers Google Fiber.

Watch Out, AT&T? Google Might Launch Its Own Wireless Network

[Image: Flickr user Tomoyuki Kawashima]

With its high-speed Google Fiber program, our reigning Most Innovative Company is already planting its roots and encroaching on broadband providers. (And getting itself some nice PR in the process.) Now, in the race for total connectivity, a new report hints that Google wants to control a swath of the airwaves, too.

The Information reports that, according to two people familiar with the matter, the company is looking into offering "a full-fledged wireless service" in markets where it already offers Google Fiber. Such a move, if it happens, would put Google in even more direct competition with existing telecoms like AT&T. Although details are sparse about what those plans entail, Google has reportedly been in talks with Verizon and Sprint about becoming a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, which pays an established provider for broadband at wholesale prices before reselling it to customers. In exchange, Google would take over logistics, like customer service and marketing.

Right now, Google offers Fiber in Kansas City, Missouri and Provo, Utah, with Austin, Texas next in line to receive 1,000 Mbs Internet connections. In February, the company announced plans to expand Google Fiber to 34 new cities, including Atlanta, Portland, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Nashville.