Rock Out With Your Dragon Eggs Out With “Game Of Thrones” Playlists On Rdio

Nerds take to the online music platform to make playlists and profiles from the series’ characters.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: when Game of Thrones excitement leading up to the premiere of the new season has the die-hardest of the die-hard fans nerding out so bad that they, say, take to online music platform to create in-character profiles and playlists for the show’s various protagonists and antagonists.


A press release from the company reveals that that’s exactly what’s occurred: “Some users got creative on Rdio this week, and we are loving it! Rdio’s “GoT” all your favorite Game of Thrones characters just in time for Sunday’s season four premiere, and they are stirring up some drama and laughs online! Check out some true fan obsession with these profiles and playlists from Daenerys Targaryen to I Am King Joffrey,” the company declared, and subsequent fans have fleshed out the Game of Thrones lineup further: It’s one thing to learn what, say, hipster Night’s Watchman Jon Snow is bumpin’ as he protects the Wall, but when you’ve spent an afternoon creating a fake playlist of the favorite songs of simpleminded servant Hodor of Winterfell, you’ve crossed the line from “mega-fan” to “maybe it’s time to go outside.” (Incidentally, Hodor apparently prefers hip-hop songs from the ’80s and ’90s.)

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More fun can be had when exploring the comments posted from one in-character profile to another: In response to the playlist “Stick ‘Em With The Pointy End,” ostensibly created by the tomboy Arya Stark (and featuring a collection of songs with the word “sword” in the title), King Joffrey commented, “LIKE I DID TO YOUR FATHER!” Sick burn, person-pretending-to-be-Joffrey-on-a-music-sharing-site. (Joffrey’s favorite playlist, meanwhile, is just the Police’s “King of Pain” over and over again–a bit on the nose, but also hard to argue with.)

In any case, if you’re stuck at work for another day-plus and fiending for your GoT fix–and you actually have to be productive–the Rdio playlists are a decent way to immerse yourself in that world without interrupting everything you’re already doing.

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