5 Free Apps For A Better Night’s Sleep

Falling asleep at your desk? You’ve been dreaming about apps this awesome.


If you need a better night’s sleep, this edition of Free App Friday is for you.


As always, while they’re free now, we can’t guarantee how long they’ll last–so don’t wait too long.

Sleepytime (Android)
Being dragged from a great REM cycle by a buzzing alarm causes some serious sleep inertia. Natural sleep cycles last 90 minutes; this app inspired by calculates when you should go to bed or wake up to rise and shine naturally. It’s possible to feel more alert on less sleep, without 10 gallons of coffee.

White Noise (iOS)
A purring cat, a humming refrigerator, a soothing fan–white noise can drown out racing thoughts that keep you up. Choose from several ambient sounds with this app.

Twilight (Android)
The blue spectrum light from our dear devices is ruining our sleep quality. Twilight runs in the background (and is easily disabled from the task bar) to adjust the screen’s temperature in sync with the time of day. By nightfall, the screen is tinted red–something I’ve appreciated especially when checking my phone’s clock in the middle of the night and avoiding a blinding screen.

Sleep Tracker (iOS)
Track your mood, sleep, and nap habits, and record symptoms to the MedHelp community to trade notes with other users and print out up to 90 days of data for your doctors’ visits.

Sleep Talk (Android, .99 iOS)
This one might not give you a better night’s sleep, but it will let you rest easy knowing you’re not spilling secrets while dreaming, or settle an argument about who snores more. The app detects and records noise throughout the night, and only gives those sound bites that trigger the mic–if you really must know what you’re saying in your sleep.

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