American Express and Tina Fey Shine A Spotlight On Everyday Moments

To support the launch of its EveryDay credit card, American Express is encouraging people to share their everyday moments.

American Express and Tina Fey Shine A Spotlight On Everyday Moments

When most people reflect on a week passed, they usually recall a blur of work, groceries, picking up kids, dinner out, a cab home, a movie night, perhaps, if things were particularly exciting. It’s hardly the stuff to write home about, but it’s also what makes up the totality of life. American Express wants consumers to grab onto these simpler moments and turn them into something to celebrate and share with a yearlong campaign called #EveryDayMoments.

Created to support its new EveryDay Credit Card–which is a no-fee, high rewards card designed for frequent use and geared toward busy multitaskers, aka moms–the launch iteration of the campaign features Tina Fey, the consummate busy woman.

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The first spot, which premiered on the Oscars to tease the card’s April 2 release, follows funny woman Fey as she goes through a typical day involving, eating potpourri in a hangry fit, picking up dry cleaning, and having an intimate encounter with a body pillow. You know, normal stuff. Along the way, she’s using her Amex EveryDay, a card that rewards people for making 20 purchases within a billing period. A subsequent print ad reveals Fey’s 20 monthly purchases in her typically comedic fashion.

“This card is designed for the multitasker, like busy moms. They are making a lot of the household purchases and this card rewards by frequency of use, not money spent,” says Elizabeth Rutledge, EVP, U.S. consumer services at American Express, noting that cardholders receive a double membership points at supermarkets.

“The card is really rewarding you for everyday purchase, but we know they’re not just transactions, they’re the start of these everyday moments. So with this campaign we’re really trying to shine a spotlight on those moments, whether it’s your morning coffee, a summer road trip with your family, or a movie night with your friends,” says Rutledge. “Now it’s everyone else’s turn to share everyday moments.”

Amex is encouraging people to share those everyday moments through a Mother’s Day selfie and snapshot photo contest. 50 winners will be invited, along with a guest, for a three-day getaway to New York that includes makeovers with Rent the Runway and Dry Bar, a SoulCycle spin class, a meet-and-greet with the cast of the Broadway musical Rock of Ages, and a VIP concert with Maroon 5.


While the campaign is launching with a concept around Mother’s Day, the idea will take on different shapes throughout the year, for instance at Father’s Day or back to school, with a series of themed contests and unique experiences.

Throughout the year American Express will also be releasing a series of animated short films on its social media channels that tell a story of fun, quirky everyday moments. The first one, to be released this week, features YouTube personality Kandee Johnson.

The campaign and the card behind it are all part of American Express’s move toward being a more welcome and inclusive brand, says Rutledge. “Over the past five to 10 years our focus has been on creating products for different segments, from the Platinum card for travelers to the Amex EveryDay. We’re really interested in understanding consumer needs and creating products based on those needs.”

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