• 04.01.14

Even These Unimpressive Candidates Are Better Than Rob Ford, According To Anti-Rob Ford Campaign

“No Ford Nation” uses outdoor billboards and animated spots to remind voters just how messed up the mayor is.

Would you vote for a guy who boasted on his campaign posters that he would never get caught urinating in public? An honorable promise, to be sure, but certainly one that sits well below the code of acceptable conduct for a high-profile elected official? As we all know, not in Toronto!


A group called No Ford Nation (named for the embattled mayor’s nickname for his supporters) is using some hilarious billboards for fake mayoral candidates and animated videos to try and convince Toronto voters to use October’s election to put anyone in the mayor’s chair except the guy currently occupying the seat. On its site the group says, “Our mission is to ensure that the next mayor is a genuine leader that can properly represent Toronto. It’s up to voters to choose someone fit for the job.”

The animated spots are a cross between Family Guy and SNL’s TV Funhouse: Fun with Real Audio, using actual clips from infamous Ford press conferences and videos.

But really, all they need is this. Or this. Or this. Okay, who are we kidding, the list is endless.

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