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Pebble Smartwatch Arrives On Target Shelves

The retailer will carry an exclusive Arctic White version for a limited time.

Pebble Smartwatch Arrives On Target Shelves

[Image: Pebble]

Pebble announced Monday that Target will carry its line of smartwatches, including an exclusive Arctic White version, for a limited time.

Retailing for $150, the smartwatch, which raised more than $10 million on Kickstarter in 2012, syncs with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth and can display smartphone notifications, including text messages and incoming calls.

Pebble first hit brick-and-mortar stores last summer after inking a distribution deal with Best Buy. Carrying the popular smartwatch could bode well for Target, which suffered a widespread security breach affecting 70 million customers over the holiday season. Since then, the retailer's sales have taken a hit, with traffic online and in stores seeing a three-year low in January.