Twitter Ad Revenue On Track To Exceed $1 Billion This Year

What’s behind the growth? TV tie-ins and a renewed focus on visual information.

Twitter Ad Revenue On Track To Exceed $1 Billion This Year
[Image: Wikipedia, Chris Gayomali]

Twitter is still grappling with the challenge of attracting new, non-tech-savvy users. But beyond user growth, at least one key performance indicator is faring far better than expected. According to a new report by eMarketer, Twitter’s ad business is booming, and is on track to eclipse the $1 billion income mark made from ads for 2014, even as user growth stalls. If the current trajectory holds up, Twitter could see an increase of 84% from 2013.

A large part of that, per the report, has to do with Twitter’s growing tie-ins with television, which have manifested in a photo-centric overhaul to the platform’s user interface; bigger photos mean a larger visual palette for advertisers to work with. “Twitter’s UI and UX needs to become more visual over the next two years,” MySpace cofounder and entrepreneur Chris DeWolfe told Fast Company in February. “We’ve recently seen the incredible success of Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat, which prove that a picture is worth a thousand words.”

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