The Hatch Collection Has All Your Leather Maternity Wear Needs Covered

Hot mamas, someone finally heeded your cries and created fashionable (really) maternity wear.

The Hatch Collection Has All Your Leather Maternity Wear Needs Covered
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Alison Pincus is pregnant with her third child and just bought multiple pairs of leather pants. Many of us aren’t brave enough for leather leg wear, even without a child growing in our bellies. But for the skin-tight clothing inclined who do have a baby bump getting in the way of their fashion sense, Pincus, co-founder of One Kings Lane, has discovered the perfect option: Hatch Collection.

Some of the Hatch Collection

Hatch, which describes itself as “an edited collection of pieces to keep us all looking chic and beautiful before, during, and after the baby bump,” will appeal to pregnant women who want to look and feel their best. Hatch focuses on quality, not quantity–how many flowing, fashionable muumuus do you really want to own, after all–showcasing a few beautiful but comfortable items per season.

The Recommender: Alison Pincus, cofounder of One Kings Lane and founder, Hunters Alley. What she recommends: Hatch Collection.Image courtesy of One Kings Lane

“Oftentimes pregnant women feel as if they can’t look their very best, or they don’t feel comfortable,” Pincus told Fast Company. “Hatch Collection does a fantastic job of creating fantastic pieces for pregnant women.” And, honestly, the pieces look great for non-pregnant women, too. I’d be down to wear some chic silky pants that happen to have a draw-string waistband.

“It’s fun to know that there’s a new brand that is catering in a fresh new innovative way for pregnant women,” added Pincus. “I think people often can express their creativity through how they dress. They just have so many different things that are really complementary for a woman who is pregnant.”

With her new purchases, which include multiple pairs of pants and dresses, Pincus is even making her non-pregnant friends jealous. “Two of my girlfriends asked me: ‘Where did you get that? I need to get that,'” she said.

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