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Make Your Elected Officials Babysit, And Other "Alternatives" To Paid Sick Leave

Family policy advocacy group Moms Rising has a few so-sad-they're-funny ideas for the 41 million Americans who don't earn paid sick leave.

  • 01 /06 | 1. Take ‘em to Congress or City Hall!
  • 02 /06 | 2. Hide ‘em under your desk!
  • 03 /06 | 3. Don’t get sick. Ever.
  • 04 /06 | 4. Win the chance to go to work.
  • 05 /06 | 5. Hire a lion to babysit!
  • 06 /06 | *If for some reason none of these horrible ideas appeal to you, there is one more thing you could try…

Earlier this month, the Institute for Women's Policy Research released a report on access to paid sick days in the U.S.—and the results were not healthy. According to the report, 40% of private-sector workers and 80% of low-wage earners—totaling 41 million Americans—do not earn any paid sick leave. This means they have to choose between a sick child or self and a paycheck, endangering themselves and others if they are forced by necessity to work.

Moms Rising, an advocacy organization that lobbies around policy issues affecting parents and families, has been working both with local governments and on a national level to establish laws guaranteeing paid sick leave. But since there's a long way to go, Moms Rising had cartoonist David Mansfield illustrate a few "alternatives"—including hiding your sick kid under your desk at work, or dropping them off at City Hall for elected officials, who won't pass sick leave laws, to deal with.

While the ideas are absurd (except the one about playing rock-paper-scissors with your spouse to decide who gets to go to work—pretty sure that happens), they humorously highlight the serious lack of options that many working people have when inevitable illness enters their lives.