Music For A Rainy Day: Songza Will Now Recommend Music Based On The Weather

The music streaming service partners with the Weather Channel to better understand how temperature and precipitation affect our routines.

Music For A Rainy Day: Songza Will Now Recommend Music Based On The Weather
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Songza has partnered up with the Weather Channel to provide weather-based music playlists.

Using the Weather Channel’s data to complement day, time, device type, location, and past user behavior on Songza, the music streaming service aims to enhance its recommendations to deliver songs tailored to a user’s mood or activity. Examples include music for a sunny stroll, stargazing on a clear night, or relaxing and soothing songs during a thunderstorm. With this partnership, Songza says it hopes to better understand how weather elements, such as precipitation or temperature, drive subconscious changes to people’s routines.

“Songza’s mission is to be everyone’s personal music concierge,” Songza CEO and cofounder Elias Roman said in a statement, highlighting the company’s emphasis on both algorithms and human curation. “With new data provided by the Weather Channel, we can more accurately predict your context, helping you enjoy more sunsets and weather more storms.”

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