This Is Why You’re Seeing Adorable Puppies Taking Over YouTube Today

Last year on March 27th, more people searched for real estate online than on any other day of the year. Century 21 is looking to take advantage of that this year by adding puppies to the home buy-and-sell extravaganza.

The brand and agency Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners launched a takeover of YouTube’s homepage with a multi-view Puppy Cam. Century 21 Chief Marketing Officer Beverly Thorne expects the puppies to be seen by more than 27 million unique visitors in one day. “Our goal is to capitalize on a day when consumers are already actively looking for homes online and present our creative, which will drive to,” says Thorne. “In essence, we’re inviting YouTube visitors to fall in ‘puppy love’ with their dream home by showcasing eight adorable videos of furry little friends playing, running, sleeping and, overall, just being downright lovable.”

While the Puppy Cam is obviously a ploy to use our obsession with all things SQUEEEE to distract from the stress of buying or selling a home, it also ties back to the brand’s ad campaign in which clients compare working with a Century 21 agent to being surrounded by puppies. Except, y’know, with marginally less licking.

The company is also posting puppy stills, GIFs, and videos to the Reddit subpage r/Aww. Which is nice.JB