• 03.24.14

Watch This Video Of Dudes Illegally Parachuting Off One World Trade Center

The three men turned themselves in to the police for jumping off the 1,776-foot building. They also filmed it. Here’s what it looks like to fall a third of a mile into Manhattan.

A video has surfaced on YouTube that shows three parachutists jumping off the top of the One World Trade Center building.


The New York Times has reported that three men turned themselves in to Manhattan’s First Precinct on Monday afternoon for attempting–and pulling off–one of the most daring stunts of our time. They’ve now been charged with burglary, reckless endangerment, and–amazingly–jumping from a structure. Andrew Rossig, Marco Markovich, and Kyle Hartwell B.A.S.E. jumped off the 1,776-foot Freedom Tower in September 2013, landed safely, and escaped capture. They also filmed it.

This morning, Rossig’s lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, confirmed the video is indeed real.

If you’re incredulous, here’s some evidence: You can see that they’re jumping off the tower’s northwest corner and flying north along the empty West Side Highway. Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and the Tribeca Whole Foods, between Warren St. and Murray St. are on his right as he lands.

Here’s the Google Street View of the block during the day:

Their confessions arrived a week after 16-year-old parkourist Justin Casquejo was arrested for scaling One World Trade’s metal spire.

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