Zady’s Cofounders On Keeping It Simple

The cofounders of ethical fashion shop Zady share how they manage their thriving business by staying focused on three main objectives and not letting email rule their workday.

Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi, cofounders of Zady, are battling fast-fashion. That keeps them busy.


With features on topics from denim-making process and how to buy a cleaner car, to projects like airport pop-up shops and a partnership with The Bootstrap Project, how do they stay focused?

Maxine Bédat and Soraya Darabi

Setting quarterly goals, says Darabi, keeps them grounded. They set three objectives for the season. “Achieving that is enough to move the company forward, and we as much as possible focus on getting the big picture items checked off before focusing on the nitty-gritty.” Getting to inbox-zero would be nice, but the big-picture earns the most momentum.

“Sometimes the email can just flood you and you can spend your entire day responding to people–but it’s not accomplishing the objectives that you’ve set out,” Bédat says. “So that’s an important thing for us to accomplish every day.”

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