The Recommender

What are you loving this month?

The Recommender
Andrew Wiederhorn CEO, Fatburger Recommends the Mophie Juice Pack Plus [Image courtesy of Mophie]

1. Lara Merriken
Founder, Lärabar


Insight Timer: “This app is wonderful for daily meditation. You set the timer and choose a beautiful Tibetan singing-bowl sound, and it guides you through your meditation.”
Señor Tyrone: “My Señor Tyrone poncho is a game changer! I love that I can throw it on instead of a jacket, and I won’t get on a plane without it.”

2. Andrew Wiederhorn
CEO, Fatburger

Lenovo Think­Vision LT1421: “This travel monitor is light and has a screen that you can write on–excellent when you are on the go. I use it to sign documents and things of that nature.”
Mophie Juice Pack Plus: “When you’re running from meeting to meeting, there’s no time to plug in your phone. This ensures that I don’t miss an important call.”


3. David Rodnitzky
CEO, 3Q Digital

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, by Gino Wickman: “This book provides the clearest, most logical road map to hitting business goals I’ve ever seen. Immediately after reading it, I ordered 10 copies for my top managers.” “Cool charity auctions, like having Kevin Bacon record your voicemail or lunch with Richard Branson. Fun to browse and probably even more fun to win!”

4. Jeremy Reid
Founder and chairman, PinchMe


Songkick: “I’m a lover of music and listen to everything from Jay Z to U2. This app looks at the artists in your iTunes and notifies you of any upcoming concerts. It’s a great idea and is definitely a must-have.”
The Everything Store, by Brad Stone: “I just read this and thought it was absolutely brilliant! Stone did an impeccable job of capturing the essence of Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos.”

5. Laura Weidman Powers
Cofounder and executive director, CODE2040

PayByPhone: “With this app, you just punch an ID number on the parking meter and select the number of minutes you want to pay for. The small service fee is worth the convenience of never needing to scrounge for change.”
Out of Milk: “Out of Milk lets my husband and me create shopping lists that sync in real time so we always know what’s left to buy, even if we’re in different aisles or stores.”


6. Tara Gentile
Founder, Kick Start Labs

Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, by Robin Sloan: “This novel captures the quirky love at the intersection of old books and puzzles and the promise of the digital age. It’s perfect for the entrepreneur who believes hard work and technology can solve every mystery.”
Engineering prints: “When I needed to cover the walls of my new coworking space, I ordered some large-scale prints. At about $5 apiece, that grainy quality is more than fine.”

7. Joey Kramer
Aerosmith drummer and founder, Rockin’ & Roastin’


Pearl Drums: “This drum company from Japan has a long legacy, and when you hear the sound, you know why. It’s my drum of choice.”
Clean Plates: “When I’m on the road, this app helps my wife and me find healthy dining options that are broken down by category for easy navigating.”

8. Linda Smith
CEO, FaceCake Marketing Technologies Inc.

The Intention Economy, by Doc Searls: “This book, about the need to put consumers in control of their own data, should be on everyone’s reading list.”
Soupelina: “Especially after a busy week of travel, I love these homemade soups that are made from farm-fresh ingredients and are low in sodium. Packed with nutrients, they are a great natural pick-me-up.”