This Bike Navigation System Tells You Where To Go Without Causing An Accident

Navigating while riding a bike isn’t easy. Even with a map in hand, it’s a struggle to look at the route and the road at the same time. Often, riders need to stop or risk putting themselves and others in danger.

That’s why Piet Morgan wanted to develop the Hammerhead, a navigation system that points out the way with flashing LED lights. Just choose a route on an accompanying app, and the device gives you a signal as you approach intersections.

Morgan first came up with the idea while on a cross-country trip from Connecticut to California, and after peers of his at Yale died in accidents while on bikes. The aim with Hammerhead is not only to make cycling more convenient, but also to match riders up with the safest route.

After working on the idea with two friends, Morgan launched a crowdfunding campaign last September, raising $190,000. The first pre-orders, going to 35 countries, will ship in the second half of this year. Once fully on sale, it will cost $99.

The Hammerhead app is based on existing way-finding systems like MapMyRide. But people will also be able to make their own suggestions, gradually enriching the data as they do it. Eventually, Morgan hopes to create a “Waze for biking”–that is, a community-driven map service.

The Hammerhead runs for 14 hours on a single USB charge, which ought to be plenty of time for a nice long ride.BS