The Top 5 Leadership Stories, March 17-21

Care a little more about people, and your own sanity–the top stories this week had everything from startup math to lots of emotion.


From getting what you want to taking control of your crazy life: Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of March 17.


Management Tips From A Boss Who Actually Gives A Damn

“The most surprising thing about becoming a manager is all the pressure to stop caring,” not about work, but about the people. Embrace the discomfort, reward the blunt truth, practice tough love–being a great boss isn’t easy. It’s time to live up to the “World’s Best” title on your mug.

6 Persuasion Tricks To Get What You Want

You can’t always get what you want–but you should still try. Step up your persuasion game with these tips on negotiation and making requests at work, from appearances to subtle cues in tone and structure.

How Our Brains Decide What We Share Online

We share what makes us joyful, comment when we’re angry, and connect when we’re sad. How does the science of emotion translate to the digital world–and how can marketers learn from these feelings?


If You Can Solve This Equation, You’re Ready To Build Your Brand

To form a strategic platform for your startup, you’ll need X: an audience or target, Y: a felt need or desired benefit, and Z: design DNA or capability. Find your constant, and the problem starts looking less like an impossible puzzle and more like a formula for success.

Embrace The Chaos: How To Reduce Stress In 5 Easy Steps

“Be less stressed,” your doctor tells you. “Get more done,” says your boss. Achieving both is the white whale of the workplace. These steps–a balance of acceptance and pinpoint focus–help calm the chaos.

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