The Recommender: Robbie Jones Wants Your Selfies

The Recommender: Robbie Jones Wants Your Selfies
[Image: Flickr user Martin Fisch]

Name: Robbie Jones
Role at Fast Company: Social media intern focusing on Pinterest and Instagram
Twitter: @iamrobbiejones
Titillating Fact: Robbie grew up in Monroe, Louisiana (the location for Duck Dynasty), and drove to New York in December without a job or place to stay. “As of this moment, both are currently accounted for,” he says. Robbie is a graphic designer with a degree in sculpture. He is also the creator of the #selfieNYC project. Maybe you’ve seen his mirrors around?

Things he’s loving:

1. The Humanae project
Appearing this week as Fast Company‘s Infographic of the Day, artist Angelica Dass has taken over 2,000 portraits of family members and volunteers. She then samples a Pantone swatch from their skin tone and adds the corresponding number below. “Humanae is a pursuit for highlighting our true color, rather than the untrue red, yellow, black, and white,” Dass told us.

2. Beck’s cover of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision
Beck is one of my favorite musicians. I recommend his new album, but for now, check out his cover of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision” with a full orchestra, a yodeler, and spinning stages:

3. This American Life: When Patents Attack!
This American Life has gotten me through many hours of road trips and design work. I was just talking to one of our writers (Chris Gayomali) about these particular episodes yesterday. “When Patents Attack!” is a thrilling two-part program (part I, part II) about lawsuits, a mysterious business, and of course, the patent system.JH